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Shrimp & Ginger Stir Fry

So much colour, ginger and veggies, I could eat this every week!

You need:  ShrimpGingerStirfry1.jpg

3 Peppers

1 Onion

1 cup shredded carrots

Fresh ginger root

1 cup mushrooms

2 cups snow peas

12 clusters of baby bok choy

400 g raw zipper back shrimp

Soya sauce

Grape seed oil

3 tbsp Sesame oil

Wafu sesame dressing

Sesame seeds

Do this:

Chop your peppers and onions. Mix into a bowl with grape seed oil, enough to cover the veggies. Add shredded carrots and about a tbsp of fresh ginger root. Add a splash of soya sauce and cover for 1-3 hours.

When ready to cook, add 3 tbsp of sesame oil to your pan. When hot mix in your marinating vegetables.

When these start to soften, add snow peas. Then mushrooms with a few more slices of fresh ginger. Wait a few minutes then add the bok choy, this will dramatically decrease in size when cooked. At this point you should cook with the lid off to allow some of the moisture from the bok choy to escape.

When your vegetables are almost done cooking add your shrimp. When the blackish tint to the shrimp turns pink they are cooked. Just before serving grate some fresh ginger on top, I really love ginger so this works for me. If you find it over powering you can skip the last addition of the ginger. ShrimpGingerStirfry2

Now you are ready to serve ! When plating sprinkle some sesame seeds on top of your veggies along with a small amount of light sesame dressing. I use wafu, a Japanese sesame dressing.

You can serve this on its own or with rice.

Serves 6

Full of colour, loaded with veggies and perfect for entertaining!


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