Creamy Chicken & Shrimp Linguini

I love making this recipe for a special family dinner. You know, one of those events where you need something that tastes good and shows people you can cook something pretty nice! Well this is it!

You need:

2 large chicken breasts (cubed & marinated in oil and parsley)

15-20 large tiger shrimp chickenShrimpCreamyPasta1.jpg

237 ml whipping cream

3/4 of a cream cheese brick

1/4 cup fresh parsley

2 cups cremini mushrooms

1 fresh bunch of spinach

1/4 cup parmesan cheese

2 tbsp coconut oil

Spinach linguini 375 grams

6 green onions

1/2 white onion

Salt and pepper

Do this:

Heat coconut oil in a large pan. Slice green onions and dice white onion, add to pan. Then add in the mushrooms and parsley.

Chicken goes in next, let simmer for 5 minutes.

Pour the whipping cream into the pan. Wait 2 minutes and then dissolve the cream cheese.

At this point the vegetables should all be soft and aromatic and the chicken cooked to almost cooked.

Add some salt and pepper along with the spinach, let this shrink in size & keep on low heat. Sprinkle in some parmesan cheese too.


Now boil your pasta! If you can, use the green spinach pasta, makes the dish look great and tastes awesome too.

Boil this until your pasta is cooked to your liking.

Add shrimp (no tails) into your cream sauce & once pasta is done add this too.

You don’t want the shrimp to cook too long 10-12 minutes at the most, so only add this once you know the pasta is pretty much ready.

Add the parmesan cheese to the sauce, mix and serve.


Serves 4-6

Hearty, creamy and I didn’t say this was low calorie!


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  1. Sounds like an easy favourite.

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