5 Things That Help Me Get Through the Long Run

Everyone around me is excited for the weekend. But I cant help but wish it wasn’t coming so quick! Another long run planned and some weekends the motivation can be hard to find. Especially when the weather isn’t pleasant!

Here are a few things I always do to ensure I get that long training run done!

Pre plan

Know the day & time you will go, commit to it. Research the weather (or tweet me @RachelSchoutsen Ill help you out!) map out a route & know the distance you need to conquer. Having the plan in my head a few days prior helps me mentally get into the game.


Spice up the playlist. Add some new music or get lost in a podcast. Knowing I have something new to pump me up encourages me to keep going & get the km’s in. Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys always gets me ready!Β Alicia is a marathoner, successfully completing the iconic NYC route.


What will you take on the run? When I trained for my first marathon I used Cliff gels as my fuel. Now I can’t stomach them! I needed a change, so I have turned to the chewy gummies and sometimes energy beans. I have also tried dried fruit like prunes. Having these carbs to restore your energy will help you push through.

The day before a long run I drink tons and tons of water. Knowing I am 100% hydrated is important.


Set goals! Even if they scare you. When I first started training for races I was completely out of my element. But once you commit it adds a nice push to get the training in. Having said that, remember why you set that goal and why you started. That motivation is all positive and will bring in that strong mental game. And we know running is all about that mental strength.

This photo gives me the push to go. Finishing my first marathon and hugging my mom! My biggest fan!


Tell someone

I find this very affective ! When I tell someone “this weekend I have a 20k planned” – you bet I’ll be getting that 20 k done! Not 15, not 18 or 19 – 20k! Writing down your goals or even as simple as telling a friend or co worker leaves you accountable! Talk about your runs & then make them reality!

Hope some of these ideas help! Let me know what works for you & good luck with the long run this weekend!

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