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3 Awesome Summer-Fresh Salads !

As the weather warms salads become more appealing! The fresh produce, the juicy ingredients and of course the health factor.

Here are 3 salads I’ve been making forever! Especially in the summer.

  1. The Quinoa Bowl

Easy & delicious! You can mix up the ingredients in this to best suit you. Essentially you boil quinoa, let it sit. Then top with veggies, cheese, beans etc. There’s no stopping !

In the salad I’ve used:

1/2 cup cooked quinoaΒ QuinoaBowlClassic1.jpg

1/3 cup corn

1/3 cup edamame

5 cherry tomatoes

1/4 cup red pepper

1/4 cup orange pepper

1 tbsp feta

1 tbsp black olives

DressingΒ (enough for 4 salads, keep in fridge and use all week)

1/4 cup grape seed oil

1/2 lime

1 tbsp honey Dijon

1 tbsp fresh parsley


2. Chickpea and Chicken over Spinach

Super healthy meets super delicious with this salad!

In this salad I’ve used:

1 chicken breast

ChickpeaChickenSalad2.jpg1 tsp coconut oi

1/2 cup chickpeas

1 tbsp fresh parsley

Ground pepper

Large handful baby spinach

1 tsp avocado oil

1/4 fresh lemon

2 tsp feta cheese

1 green onion

Heat a pan with coconut oil. Slice your chicken breast and place into the pan with chickpeas and parsley. Ground pepper over top and cover. Keep on medium heat.

Drizzle the avocado oil over top of the spinach. Squeeze the fresh lemon on top as well and mix.

The chicken and chickpeas should cook for about 20 minutes or until the chicken is cooked all the way through.

Once done, place over spinach. Sprinkle the feta cheese over chicken and slice the green onion and add.

3. Apple & Egg Salad

Lots of delicious ingredients, mixed with arugula and blue cheese!

In this salad I’ve used:

1 large handful of arugulaeggapplesalad.jpg

1 tsp avocado oil

Ground pepper

1 egg

1 small jazz apple

2 tsp crushed pecans

1 tbsp fresh parsley

1 tbsp blue cheese

Place the egg in boiling water for 7 minutes. Once done set aside.

Mix the avocado oil and arugula. Dice the parsley and add. Then ground some pepper and mix.

Slice the apple and place on top of arugula. Sprinkle the pecans and blue cheese on top as well.

Now peel and slice the hard boiled egg and put into the salad.

Hope this article has inspired your next salad spree!


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