A Training Update : Ottawa Marathon 

 I’m in it for the long run!

In just six weeks I’ll be in Ottawa embracing the special moment at the start line, trusting my training, enjoying the route and completing my second full marathon.

I have to say this time around I’m enjoying the training a lot more. I have more confidence in myself to push, to go faster and to run more!

The feeling is incredible and I know it’s all my training paying off.

Also the weather – I became a winter runner (so grateful for that) and now that spring is here, the runs feel glorious !

When I compare this round of training to my last marathon (Hamilton in November) I am really realizing that training for fall marathons in the extreme heat of the summer was hard.

It’s been really nice to train in comfortable weather ! So that has helped me persevere!

I’ve been trying a couple new things with my training as well.

BCAA Pre Run

I’m really liking this as my pre-run fuel. Essentially taking BCAA’s before your run can help improve stamina and should allow your muscles to feel more comfortable since it suppresses the development of lactic acid.

Also big plus- this brand tastes great!

I found this bit interesting from 

“When we do strenuous exercise for a lengthy period, the body begins to decompose proteins and consume BCAAs in order to compensate for insufficient energy sources. It is possible that the post-competition blood level of BCAAs may be decreased by as much as 20%, because of intramuscular BCAAs consumption during long periods of exercise. However, we can reduce muscle damage and inhibit the lowering of muscular strength by replenishing BCAAs timely, before or during physical activity. Taking BCAAs preserves energy sources and helps maintain stamina. Also, by taking BCAAs immediately after physical activity or before going to bed, muscle recovery is improved and muscle soreness prevented.”

Applesauce on-the-go! 

I’m always trying to find better ways to fuel while on the run. While gels get the job done, at times I find them really hard to stomach.

Also- I’m a terrible example of hydration on the run. I’ll usually do my long runs with no water at all. It’s terrible, I know. I just hate carrying it and have some how trained myself to do this ( with lots of painful lessons along the way).

So ! My new discovery are these squishy applesauce/tropical fruit packs, you can find them in the snack aisle at your grocery store.

On my long runs I am taking these paired with a gel. So I’m getting the carbs and also the water content.

I know this is still NOT enough water, but it’s giving me the power I need at this point.

Also- these are cheaper than gels ! My only negative with them is the bulky screw on and off lids. Makes it bigger to carry. However, I know I’m throwing them out as I go, so I can manage.

Getting Speedy

I’ll never be the fastest runner out there, but I’m trying to push a little harder this round.

I’m now testing the waters and trying out short runs at fast paces. Was incredible to see my pace drop below 5 min per km !

I’m doing this to spice up the training and continuously prove to myself that I can become better with each run.

In the back of my mind I know, slow and steady will take me to the finish line! But it’s fun to push the limits.

On track for a record

And lastly, I’m running more than I ever have ! This month I know I’ll break 200k for the month. I’ve never done that before ! I’ve come close, but not over the hill.

I’m feeling so comfortable out there- and I’m recovering great. I did my second 30k of the year on Good Friday and felt no pain post run. The next day knocked out 4km recovery and two days later 16km faster than marathon pace !

April should be my strongest month and it’s certainly shaping up that way.

My ankles feel a little sore at times, so I am keeping on top of the epsom salts.

Next up I have the Mississauga Half Marathon and then it’s to Ottawa for the full! 

3 thoughts on “A Training Update : Ottawa Marathon 

  1. Love it Rachel. You’re doing so well with your training and the improvement in your pace and ability to hold it over the longer distances is super impressive. Can’t wait to toe that line with you in Ottawa!


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