5 Things Long Distance Running has Taught me 

With only 5 days left until the Ottawa Marathon I need to remember it’s all a mind game from here. 

Positive thoughts. Negative splits!

Here’s a look at why I love the long run & what it has taught me… 

5. Enjoy the journey 

If you are going to dedicate so much time and energy to this, you might as well enjoy it !

I have turned away from just focusing on the finish and now I think about what the route has to offer. 

Discovering new paths, shops, restaurants etc as I run. 

I actually look at things and enjoy the crisp air, the sunrise, the water. 

My mental game is stronger when I approach the “adventure” and not just the distance. 

In my everyday life I’m taking more time to appreciate things along the way. 

4. Non-Runner reactions are the best

I actually take it as a compliment when my friends call me crazy or insane when it comes to my running.

You kind of have to be when it comes to a marathon. 

Let’s face it, every single marathoner at one point in their lives thought running 42.2 km was NUTS ! 

Some how we have overcame this feeling and just went for it.

That’s cool ! 

3. Running leads to ugly feet 

Black toe nails anyone ? Missing toe nails too ?

Blisters and peeling ? Your blister has a blister ? Me too! 

My feet are strong ! Wow they take a beating. 

It’s to the point where at the pedicure appointment the esticican actually agrees with me when I say, “sorry my feet are so ugly”. Not even a polite, “oh no they are fine!” 

RIP toenails.

2. Preparation is the key to success

If you want to succeed you need a plan. This applies to everything- not just running! 

This practice has spilled over into my every day life. If it works for running it also works for grocery shopping, going to the gym, work projects, visiting family etc. 

I’ve been complimented on my organization skills and I think my long distance running has significantly contributed to that. 

Schedule your routes/runs and make it work. 

Fail to plan and you plan to fail. 

It’s too easy to skip runs or become “too busy” to run. That’s why I always have a general idea of when I will do the important runs. The ones that really drive you to success (long and tempo). 

I look at the week ahead, focus on weather, training goals and then I plot routes (I use to plot and Runkeeper to track as I run). 

Plan ahead and be prepared. 

1. I’ve found a hobby that keeps me wanting more

You should know, as a child I could never commit to sports, piano lessons, gymnastics. Always one lesson and done or one season and never again. 

Running has completely changed my one and done attitude. 

I’m finally committed and dedicated to something other than my career. 

That’s important and healthy as we are all trying to live a well balanced life. 

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