Roasted Tomato Linguini

Roasting cherry tomatoes = AWESOME !

You need:

30 cherry tomatoesRoastedTomatoLinguini1

1 onion

Fresh parsley

Grape seed oil

3 portobello mushrooms

4 cups fresh spinach

12 medium sized bocconcini balls

3/4 cup heavy cream

3/4 cup parmesan

Salt and pepper

Do this:roasted tomatoes

Place your cherry tomatoes in an oven safe dish, coat with oil, salt and pepper. Place in oven at 350 for 20 minutes.

You will know these are done when they begin to slightly shrivel and on some, the skin will pop.

In the meantime, on the stove fry you onion and parsley in oil until brown. I didn’t have this in mine, but adding crushed garlic to the pan at this point would be great! Then add your sliced portobello mushrooms.

Once tender, add in the spinach, a cup at a time, letting it slightly wilt before you add the next.

Once wilted mixed in your heavy cream and parmesan cheese. Here I also added some more salt and pepper.

When your sauce on the stove is cooked and throughly mixed add in your roasted cherry tomatoes. Gently mix.

Then add your sliced bocconcini.

The final product looks like a lot of effort, but really, this took no time at all.

Roasted tomato linguini

I like light sauces on pasta, as the vegetables, in this one, pair so nicely !

Quick, scrumptious and perfect for a family dinner.


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