5 Ways to Improve Your Camping Trip 

Over the past few years camping has become our yearly summer tradition! 

From the shores of Erie, to the cool waters of Lake Ontario or the westerly winds of Georgian Bay – Ontario has amazing camping parks !

When it comes to camping, we “rough” it. Living in a tent, cooking every meal with propane or on the fire and using the outhouse (yup) … no RV’s for us. 

Having said that, my threshold is three nights & then I’m ready to pack it in, head home and have a super shower. 

Each time we go, we try to make it better & easier. Here are a few things we did this time that made a big difference !

Bring a Keurig 

Of course you need an electric site for this or use the plug inside your vehicle. 
This made the mornings so smooth ! It felt like we had unlimited coffee, a hot drink in seconds and minimal clean up. 

This started the day off easy and right! Will always bring this from here on out. 

Scrambled Eggs in a Bottle 

Packing a cooler is always a game of Tetris. Adding a carton or two of eggs into the mix makes it even tougher, so don’t ! Try this! 

Crack all your eggs into a bowl, whisk and then funnel into a large water bottle. We had 12 eggs and 4 egg whites. It was plenty for 4 people. 

It was super easy to pour our already mixed eggs right into the pan. No sticky shells all over the picnic table and no soaking wet egg cartons to deal with. 

Pre-marinated Food

I don’t know why I didn’t buy this stuff sooner !

Dinners were so easy this year becasue everything we cooked was directly ready to go right on the grill. 

This year I was super impressed with chicken breasts premarinated in awesome Greek flavours, thank you Loblaws!

On the same note, salad in a bag. So easy instead of bringing every single ingredient and clunky bottles of dressing. 

Get off the Campsite 

This time around we were lucky enough to link up with friends who had a cottage close by. We were able get off the campsite and explore outside of the park ! 

Change of pace was great. 

It made me realize that we should do more research before we come to these parks since these tourist areas have a lot to offer.  

We bought some of the best fudge at the general store this year just outside of Killbear park and tried a local diner, “Gillys” so delicious!

There are tons of trails worth exploring, we went on a great hike and saw 3 deers along the way. 

Create a tradition 

Our tradition is sunset hikes and scrabble competitions! We always look forward to it. 

Have something you do everytime you go camping. And make it something that brings  everyone together. 

We are slowly getting better at camping ! Looking forward to next years improvements. 

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