Crafting: Keys MIA? No More !

A fun crafting project with a personal touch. Here’s a great place to hang your keys !

I was tired of having keys on the counter, scratching the front table or missing in action. I needed a key holder, bowl or hook. 

I looked around, didn’t find much & then had an idea ! 

I saw many wood holders online, some personalized too. So I took my favourite elements from a few examples & created this! 

I love it! And a place for Bow’s leash too .. win/win !

Want to make your own ? Here’s how to do it !

You start off with a 2×4 and get it professionally cut into three peices. One should be 8 inches long and the two others should be 6 inches long. 

You then need to stain. Used two coats. Shade colour: coffee. 

Once you get your shade just right let it fully dry. 

Now, for the hard part. 

Writing in beautiful font to personalize this key holder. Luckily I have an awesome friend who is super patient and she was able to write beautifully. We used an acrylic  paint I bought at michaels with a very thin brush. If I didn’t have her I would have gone with stencils. 

Once completely dry, nail the three pieces together. 

I’m no carpentry expert ( surprise ) I decided to use 6 nails total. All nails went in on a diagonal slant.

  • top of each small peice into large centre block
  • mid of each small peice into large centre block 
  • Bottom of each small peice into large centre block

In the end, everything was very secure! Use a small thin nail and put them in as hidden as possible. 
Next up you need your hooks. I bought these at Canadian tire and also purchased gold screws to match the look. 

Each board gets one hook. 

And lastly you also need to install hooks on the back in order to hang. 

These hooks are only 99 cents at Canadian tire. Install one on each side. They come with the little nails too. 

Now it’s time to hang it up! I love this creation. It looks great at the front door of my condo, adds a personal touch and reduces clutter.

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