So You Want to Start Running? 10 Tips! 

The fall is a perfect time to start running. Weather is on your side when it comes to comfortable temperatures & the changing colours give you extra motivation to get out there ! 

I’ve learned a few things as I continue to run! Here’s what I want to share with those just starting out. 

1. Plan your route ahead of time. 

Know where you will go, planning is key. Don’t overwhelm yourself. 2 or 3 km’s is perfect for starters. If you don’t run a planned route, it’s easier to quit early, get lost or find yourself facing a giant hill you just weren’t ready for. 

2. Run towards traffic

I would always recommend sidewalks & trails, but sometimes you can’t find them ! If you have to run on the road, be cautions and run towards traffic. You will be more aware of what the cars are doing & can get yourself to a safer spot if you need to. 

3. Run in the morning 

I know this is not the easiest! BUT it will allow you to fit running into your day. There is no time to talk yourself out of that run. Rise & run! It’s simple!

4. Track with an app

There are so many great apps out there ! Personally I use runkeeper. I like to know my distance, pace, splits (time it takes me to run each km) etc. When you use an app you can track so much progress ! Soon enough you’ll notice your getting faster & further. 

5. Crosswalks are slippery 

Sometimes we run in the rain. Or after a storm when roads are still wet. When running through a crosswalk or painted pavement be cautious. The water ontop of that paint is super slippery! It’s not something we think about – but now you will! 

6. Try the out & back 

When trying to run further I often recommend this to friends. Make your route as simple as possible. Pick a long street in your neighbourhood, one with a sidewalk. Run 15 minutes in one direction turn around and run back. Look at that, you’ve done a 30 minute run ! It sounds simple when you talk out & back. Works with kilometres too! 2 k out & 2 k back and now you have reached 4 km! Make it simple & get it done. 

7. Watch the winds 

The fall brings in some strong winds. When the day is really gusty it can lead to an awful run, one that’s pretty tough to enjoy! Track winds with your weather app (obviously I’m recommending The Weather Network)! You can see under the hourly forecast wind speeds for each hour. Less than 20k is great. Anything over and you’ll feel the wind. It’s good training, but perhaps an unwelcome restraint when you are first starting. Also- another reason to run in the mornings , winds are usually lighter. 

8. Find the right shoes & gear 

Shoes are really important ! Everyone has different needs so don’t be afraid to test out a couple kinds. Sportschek has an awesome treadmill that you can use, it will record your running style and someone there should be able to point you in the right direction. 

 If you shoes hurt don’t just put up with it. Find something better. Long term you will be happy! 

What to wear on the run? It’s all about trial and error, some love shorts, others hate the feeling. 

When dressing, think 10C warmer. If your morning run is 7C plan to wear something that would be comfortable in  17C weather. Even if you feel cold at first, remember you will quickly warm up. 

9. Don’t feel any pressure 

Running long distance did not come easy for me. I ran 2-5 km’s for a long time before I pushed for 7-10k. I remeber one night I just felt really good and went for a 15k. It took me 3 years of running before I signed up for a half marathon. 

Go at your own pace ! And make sure you keep having fun while doing it. 

10. Tweet me

If you are just starting out I’d love to hear about it ! Any questions, feel free to ask. Running has brought me so much happiness and has lead to moments in my life where I feel the strongest and most proud of myself. 

Good luck with your running & remember this should be fun. It’s a time to enjoy some good music, cleanse your mind & explore your community. 

Happy running ! 

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