Inspiring Runners ! Niagara Marathon Race Review 

So my last race was in a heat warning. Today’s run in a wind warning! What’s up with the weather? Interesting races that’s for sure. 
Today’s run was special. It was not about me or the distance it was about inspiration. 

I was so happy that one of my greatest friends Jaclyn and my wonderful cousin Sarah committed to running their first race. 

We wanted a race that was in a fun location, had an enjoyable route and one that offered a 10k. Niagara Marathon checked off all the boxes. 

Being a first race for Sarah and Jaclyn, 10 km was the right distance. It’s long enough to be a challenge but still a distance you can wrap your head around.

We ended up getting a hotel in Niagara for the weekend and brought along a cheerleader too, our awesome friend Kelly. 

We spent Saturday getting our race kit at the Scotiabank centre, exploring the falls and enjoying some great restaurants in Niagara. 

Just a heads up you have to pay for parking at this venue & race kit pick up is not available on race day. The kit was simply your bib and a t shirt. 

The half / full started at a different location than the 5/10 k so everyone would finish right at the falls. I think there was some confusion as to where people should be and when, but once you all figured it out and followed directions all was good! 

Would have been a little more helpful if the people who worked for Niagara tourism were more informed about starting lines and road closures. 

The winds were whipping but thankfully the intense storms held off till the afternoon. 

The 10 k route was stunning and felt really fast. Finishing right at the brink of the falls was amazing. You could see the mist in the distance and you knew you were getting close! 

Also, amazing photo opportunities with your finisher medals. 

I really liked this race and I’m so happy that I’ve inspired some of the greatest people in my life to run and now race. Both are now motivated to run faster, train harder and do it again ! 

Running is so much more to me than just a workout. It’s a way to inspire a healthy life, a time to explore a new area and the perfect opportunity to cleanse your mind. 

Thank you Niagara Marathon for allowing us to create some amazing memories. Just realizing now that during Canada150 I ran in Ottawa as well as Niagara Falls- two iconic Canadian venues! 

If you are considering this race for next year I highly recommend making a weekend out of it. Get a hotel, prices were not too crazy! I’ve seen worse when it comes to marathon weekends. We had the best time on the Saturday with the falls, casino, dinner etc. More than just a run. 

This was my second 10k race and I finished 3rd female in my division and 12th female overall. Super cool! Started comfortable and then really opened up and found some speed in the last five k. 

Was also testing out my new Underarmour shoes, fortis 3. Really like them! 

Next up I have my 11th half marathon with Hamilton Road to Hope during the first weekend of Novemeber. Can’t wait ! 

2 thoughts on “Inspiring Runners ! Niagara Marathon Race Review 

  1. Congratulations on your race time.
    Keep posting your run stories as you are inspiring people to live a healthy lifestyle.

    Yes running is so much more than a workout. I too find it an opportunity to cleanse the mind.

    Thanks for this story


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