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Let’s Go! #TWNinIreland Day 1 Dublin to Belfast 

What a day ! I don’t even remember the last time I slept… Thursday night I think ? 

Ireland has me on a crazy energy high with its vibrant people, amazing landscape and delicious food ! 

We arrived in Dublin today and drove two hours north to Belfast. Our flight with Air Canada Rouge was great ! Super smooth! 

Belfast is an area that is now thriving when it comes to tourism, especially food!   

Today’s assignment was to meet Dana our awesome rep from Tourism Ireland, Billy our super informational driver (who has the greatest Irish accent) and then shoot the Belfast food tour. 

If you come to Ireland this is a must. We visited 5 different locations and the food and drink were all over the top! Especially at The Merchant, known for the world best cocktails! 

Some of the best bites were the feta fritters at Coppi, the local cheese at Ox Cave and the best Moscow mule I’ve ever sipped at The Merchant. 

Food tours have become popular across Canada it was so unique to experience one in Europe! Especially Ireland, I didn’t realize their zest for culinary. And our guide Phil was perfect! He runs Taste & Tour in Belfast. His passion for the food creates an over the top experience! 


We got some amazing shots today which we will share with you on The Weather Network! Yan, our videographer, is incredible. He is truly creating a master piece here in Ireland! 

Tomorrow we have a tour of the Titanic Museum (so excited for this) and our preps for Halloween ! Londonderry hosts the worlds greatest Halloween party and we are getting ready to attend. 

Oh! One more thing- in Belfast they have a  street filled with umbrellas. Weather girls dream or what? 

Now… Sleep! Clocks go back here in Ireland tonight, I’m so thankful I’m gaining an hour! Alarm set for 5:30, can’t wait for day 2. 

One thought on “Let’s Go! #TWNinIreland Day 1 Dublin to Belfast 

  1. Hi Rachel,
    so happy to follow your adventure in Ireland and see that you are enjoying some true Irish “CRAIC”
    Looking forward to following you this week from Canada.
    Love, Auntie Theresa

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