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#TWNinIreland Day 3 Walled City, Wild Atlantic, Castles & Tea

When you travel for work having a “busy” day is an understatement. It’s constant go-go-go mode and I absolutely love it. Dana who has organized this trip for us always has some chocolate on standby for me to keep me powered through the day (I’m not kidding, she’s the greatest)! 

We fit in a ton today! Started with an epic sunrise in Derry Londonderry

Then we met Garvin, an incredibly knowledgeable guide who toured us around the walls. Derry is the only completely walled city in Ireland and these walls hold so much history. 

The people in Ireland really make everything that much more special. If you think Canadians are friendly, wait till you meet the Irish. 

We then made our way along the Wild Atlantic Coast ! This is a drive every tourist to Ireland must do! It features some breathtaking scenes we had to stop and take them in. 



We then arrived at our castle, Lough Eske. The drive was about 2 hours from Londonderry. 

I can’t even believe this exists… I feel like I’m in a fairytale. 

This castle was created into a hotel 10 years ago. It’s crazy to think I’ll be sleeping here tonight. The friendly team helped us unload our stuff and we jumped into action. Time to shoot! 

  This location is simply stunning with rich history, friendly hospitality and impeccable food. Afternoon tea was a must. I had my first scone with cream and jam. Wow, that’s good. Shooting segments with food certainly has perks! 

Was great to share this experience with Catriona from Donegal. She comes from a family of weavers who have created an incredible business of tweed in Ireland! 


Lough Eske knows the little details go a long way! The vibe is incredibly welcoming. And the hotel room is bigger than my condo. 


It’s been another day of magic here in Ireland. I’m falling in love with this country! Off to a team dinner and another pub night . 

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