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#TWNinIreland My “Wow Moment” 

My wow, can’t believe this is happening , how am I so blessed moment happened this morning. 

I laced up at 6:30 and went out for my run. No music, just the sounds of the morning and a drizzle of rain. 

I’m in Londonderry right now, the walled city! So I ran the walls, up and down a lot of hills. I figured if I stay within the walls at least I know I’ll be in the right city. Didn’t want to get lost. 

I turned the corner, looked towards the peace bridge and couldn’t believe my eyes. 

In that moment I knew I would remember this exact second forever. 

Running is an amazing skill to have while travelling as so many times it’s allowed me to explore in such an efficient way. It encourages me to get out while everyone sleeps. I have the city to myself. I run the paths I want, stop take a photo and keep moving. 


This has started my day in the best possible way. Happy Monday from Ireland 

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