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#TWNinIreland Day 5 Trip to Belfast and an Unexpected Extension 

The final few shots have been taken and we are calling it a wrap on this incredible Irish adventure ! 

We said goodbye to beautiful Derry-Londonderry and made our way to Belfast. It’s about an hour and a half to get there. 

We wanted to shoot three more sentences on colourful streets. 3 sentences may seem like nothing, but it really does take a ton of coordination and planning! We’ve got a great team and got it done, no problem! 


We shot our last clip right outside of city hall in Belfast as they were setting up for Christmas ! Imagine Christmas here, wow that would be a treat! 


We spent some time shopping, speed shopping really ! And then headed to the Belfast airport to catch a flight to Heathrow and then connect to Toronto. 

We knew the connection was going to be tight, but if everything went perfect we would make it ! 

Well, everything did not go perfect. With the size of Heathrow, changing terminals feels like a tour to a different city ! We moved as quick as possible through this busseling airport but unfortunately as we ran to the Air Canada connection we realized boarding had closed and we were extending the trip ! 

No flights out of here until 9 AM Thursday. So #TWNinEngland ?! I’m kidding ! But we all had a solid laugh about our change of plans. 

So glad we have such a great team connection. No one I’d rather be stuck here with ! 

As I reflect back on the project it’s amazing how much ground we covered. I can’t wait to see some of our reports encouraging travel to Northern Ireland. 

I’ll have another post with some highlights !  And a few vlogs coming too.

You will be able to catch our TV reports on The Weather Network and also on our social media channels. We’ve got a ton of great content! 

For now, time to reorganize this luggage one last time ! 

Also- I just realized I’m running a half marathon on Sunday in Hamilton …I feel like this has been a marathon in itself! 

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