7 Gifts for the Runner in Your Life

I love running because all it takes is a good pair of shoes and the dedication to keep going.

That’s the necessities- but there are a few products to help keep you comfortable/happy! Here are my favourites, which may be perfect for the runner on your Christmas list !

1. The Fleece from Columbia

This has become my my favourite winter running jacket. The fleece keeps you cozy, breaks the wind and washes up really nice. I could never tackle a -15 morning without this. You do not want to wear this in warm weather, you will quickly over heat. But anything 0 and below this is my go to!

The pocket on the arm is also useful for gels, keys, cards etc.

2. The Nerdy Belt

As I ran further I realized holding my phone while running was not going to work. I actually would get cramps in my hand from holding a phone for so long! Plus sweaty – ew.

So I finally invested in a belt. I bought this from amazon and I love it. It can hold my phone, keys, gels . It’s perfect.

I have also had a roo-sport, an extra pocket you fold over your shorts/tights and it magnetizes to stay put. But in the end belt wins for me. It’s nerdy, but it works !

3. The Marathon Ornament

My mom had this made for me last Christmas after I ran my first marathon. It’s so special, I love it so much !

Plus a personalized gift is always a tear jerker.

4. The Buff

I actually received a buff for Christmas a couple years ago and thought I would never use it. Wrong !

Use it all the time- hot and cold weather. These things are incredibly durable too.

In warm weather I use it as my headband and in the cold I’ll start my run off with this covering my face. You can still breath through it & it really makes a difference with protecting the skin on your face from frostbite.

I usually go back and forth between having it right over my nose to just under my chin on a really cold run.

5. The “I’m Obviously a Runner Shirts”

As a runner we really don’t need anymore shirts, but these ones are key in any collection !

The shirts pictured above are from The Running Room.

6. Race Entry

I absolutely love racing, not becasue I’ll win, but because I’m constantly proving to myself that I’ve worked hard to get here.

Cover the entry costs for the runner in your life. It will make getting to the starting line just a little easier.

Some amazing races I have personally ran and would recommend are:

  • Mississauga Marathon
  • Around the Bay
  • Oakville Half Marathon
  • Ottawa Marathon

7. Some Sweet Shoes

Im replacing my shoes every 500-700 kilometres, so I need new shoes a couple times a year.

Shoes are really personal to runners as there are so many different levels of support.

I’ve always liked the New Balance Fresh Foam but recently switched to the Under Armour Fortis 3 and am impressed ! Very light weight and love the breathable design.

As a runner I would be super pumped to see a new pair of shoes under the tree, just make sure you get a gift receipt incase they are uncomfortable.

* I was not paid to post this article. These are items I have purchased or received that I thoroughly enjoy*

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