My Run Experiment: Distance VS Strength

Oh the long run! I love it and hate it.

It makes me worry. But also gives me hope.img_1466

Stresses me out. Then boosts my mood.

Is the worst part of running. Is the best part of running.

See, I can’t make up my mind!

Over the past four years the weekend long run was crucial for me. This allowed me to sign up for races and know I could make it to the finish line happy and injury free.

Weekend runs were the key to my success, or so I thought.

After running Ottawa’s full marathon last May, I put the brakes on all the long distance. I still completed two half marathons since then and I still run. But I wanted to take the stress out of running and just have fun again.

I developed a great gym routine but the regular weekend long run has gone to the wayside.

Over all my races and training, I know that endurance running is a test of fitness but also mental strength. This past weekend I put my new running plan into action.

Could I still run a half marathon, with little to no distance work?

The answer: yes! And when I compare this weekend last year to this current weekend, I am actually faster!








I always wondered during my training, is all of this running actually tiring me out? Or making me better?

Now that I know I can run a half marathon without the constant long run on the weekend, my perspective has changed!

I know I have built a strong base over the years, but it is interesting to see that by strengthening your body in other methods the results can be just as rewarding when it comes to distance running.

Here is a general breakdown of my race ready plan, comparing 2017 to 2018…

My next test when it comes to my weekend long run lockout is, can I conquer “The Bay”?! Around the Bay is a 30 k road race in Hamilton, known for its hill and usually challenging weather, end of March is such a toss up when it comes to the forecast.

What do I consider a successful run? Finishing around the 3 hour mark, having fun and not getting injured. Will keep you posted! Wish me luck!

***I posted this article simply to share my own experiences, I do not want to change the opinions of others when it comes to training for long distance ***

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