Protein Beet Smoothie

This is probably the prettiest smoothie you’ll ever make! I drink this a couple times a week, great for protein & fibre.

Here’s how you whip it up!

Peel chop and boil beets. I usually boil 3 in about 4-5 cups of water. Do not drain! You need the water.

Once the beets are cooked, bring the blender out.

You only need about a quarter of the beets you just boiled for this recipe, but I like to do a bunch so I have it on the ready for the week.

Okay, into the blender:

– approx 2 cups from your beet pot, that means your chopped beets plus the water

– 1 cup almond milk or water

– 1 banana

-2/3 cup raspberries or strawberries

– 1 scoop vanilla protein powder

– ice optional

Blend this up and enjoy. I like to cook the beets first so they blend really smooth into this drink.

I have also made this with just the beet water and it tastes great ! When we boil our vegetables we loose a lot of the nutrients in the water, so this is a great way of putting them to use.

I’ve had a lot of friends really enjoy this recipe! Let me know if you do too!

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