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I’m in the Club! Distinguished Alumni

Last night was incredible. Another moment in my life where I have to take a step back and think, “wow, I am here”.

Conestoga College has been such a huge part of my broadcast journey and last night I had the honour of receiving a “Distinguished Alumni” award.

I joined 18 other recipients last night as we shared our successes, inspired others and made our families proud.

As I accepted my award I spoke about the resources, internships and advice Conestoga offered me as I started my career. The College helped me blossom into a strong, confident leader. This is exactly what we need as we plan a live show every morning on The Weather Network.

My wonderful mom, my biggest cheerleader and role model was in the audience. I’ll never take her for granted, she’s always there for me! Her smile lit up the room as I spoke.

The College organized a video of a few of their graduates at work and I was honoured to be featured in that video. I forgot that I submitted a video of myself on the job holding my sweet dog, Rainbow, who passed away in January. It was so heartwarming when that video popped up on the big screen! I still, somehow, take her everywhere with me!

It was wonderful to hear the success that comes out of a college education. Each recipient had a story to tell. From world leading business owners, to nurses and paramedics, women making marks in the trades and special Olympic athletes. There was a ton of inspiration in that room!

Being the weather nerd of the group I was the butt of many jokes! Sorry guys, I know April is not looking pretty !

I’m truly humbled by this recognition! And it also brought a smile to my face to see so many people who watch The Weather Network each morning. The Conestoga community is a fabulous one and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

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