Sunny Skies Ahead! We Are Getting a Puppy

At the beginning of 2018 we said goodbye to Rainbow. My best friend. Our sweet dog of 15 & a half years.

I still miss her everyday. The companionship. The cuteness. And most of all the unlimited love a dog is able to give.

I loved being stuck on the couch because Rainbow was perfectly sleeping on my leg. Or stopping on our walk to capture the perfect picture of her cute fluffy face.

I loved simply knowing she was there.

Loosing a dog is incredibly hard. And it’s something I feared for a long time.

Rainbow will always be my first dog. My greatest memory growing up. And the dog that truly taught me how to love something so deeply.

Dogs are such a big and important part of our lives, yet they only stay for such a short amount of time.

As we were loosing Rainbow my mom knew this would be the hardest goodbye I’ve ever had to face. And she said to me, “maybe we only have a certain dog for such a short time because we are supposed to love more than just one.”

The thought of moving on is heartbreaking.

But the thought of loving and bonding with an animal makes my heart whole.

So we decided it’s time to add some fur back into the family.

On June 13th a little red miniature poodle was born in Spencerville Ontario. A tiny girl that will soon be ours to cherish.

Going from a senior dog to a puppy will be a huge change. The energy, training, teething, peeing! But we are ready!

3 weeks old

5 weeks old

Check out @debspoodleinn on instagram for more pics from her recent litters, heart melting!

The countdown is on! Over the August long weekend she will start a new life with us! We are so lucky to welcome a new puppy into our lives. So ready for the love!

Now what to call this little girl ?

Sunny ! Because after a Rainbow, out comes the sunshine. Updates to come !

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