Sunny the Perfect Puppy

Well, our family has a little more fur!

Sunny our precious poodle came home yesterday and she is cuter than I could have ever imagined.

Seeing her sweet little face instantly made my heart whole again.

She loved running around our condo, meeting the extended family and pooping under the coffee table.

We are working on crate training with access to pee pads. Any puppy experts out there ? Comment and let me know your thoughts and opinions we are an open book !

I love her tiny little paws and her ability to fit underneath our bed without crouching.

The fact that she has used this tiny oven hot pad as her bed says it all about her size!

I can’t wait to watch this tiny little puppy grow and become a part of our family.

We loved Rainbow so much and I do feel like this pup has a very similar personality. Her biggest concern so far has been keeping close to us and finding a foot to rest her head on as she falls asleep.

And I have to say my guilty pleasure of “dog photographer” will live on.

She already did very well on her first photo shoot! I’m so happy we instantly bonded. I’m looking forward to many Sunny days !

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