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Goodbye Early Risers!

2018 has been the year of change.

As the realm of TV changes I know I have to move with the motion.

This week I started my new career as a sponsorship host on The Weather Network. The 2:40 AM alarm clock has been shut off ! And yes, this means I’m leaving the morning show.

It’s pretty emotional over here ! I truly loved this show; the team, the vibe, the weather !

I’ll miss it all. Especially when the big snowstorms hit. Those mornings were the best. It was high energy looking at traffic backed up for kilometres across the GTA, school cancellations being announced and your snowy videos rolling into our newsroom. I love it!

I know our viewers rely on us for the details. And I was always ready to deliver them … even if the news was snow !

So what’s happening now ?

I’ll still be on The Weather Network ! And sometimes I’ll make an appearance on the morning show too. But my day to day focus will be working with our sponsorship team and building connections with clients.

This will allow me to bring great content to our channel in collaboration with some of the best companies in Canada.

In the past I’ve worked on projects like this and they have been career highlights for me! Tourism Ireland, Hilton, Blue Mountain, HBC etc.

I love project managing and working with people. This role is totally new to The Weather Network as a full time position and I think it will blend some of my passions really well.

My love for TV and reporting will still flourish…just under some different lights, literally !

I hope to take viewers on some really unique travel experiences, introduce them to fun contests with The Weather Network and bring your great live on location content from time to time.

Thanks for following my career. I truly appreciate every single person who woke up with me for three years on The Weather Network ! It was a blast and I have the greatest memories.

You are in great hands as Emily takes over full time on Monday !

15 thoughts on “Goodbye Early Risers!

  1. Sincerely the best wish for you in your career change with TWN, and your personal future. You are such a fun gal. I will miss you on the morning show.


  2. ratchel ur a peach, cotinued success, i’m sure they knew what they were doing when they selected u. absolute best to you in everything, hope to hear good news soon….lol alex lefrancois love snowstorms, my dog is part huske, have never seen him so excited, have a partner for the
    ‘snowtreck” now, maybe more soon, who knows…..

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  3. Congratulations, Rachel! Speaking for the entire GTA our mornings will miss your seemingly boundless energy with your absence from the morning show. You were truly a ray of sunshine on the grayest morning. A real force of nature! Glad to know we will still hear from you from time to time. Thank you and best wishes for your continued success.


  4. Well all the best for your career! I will look forward to your upcoming reports.
    You have made the weather and traffic come alive for us, my kids and I will miss seeing you, they have been asking “daddy, when is Rachel coming back?”
    Congratulations on your engagement!



  5. Best of luck Rachel! My 90 year dad and I watched you every morning and miss your bubbly personality. Your smile lit up our morning. How are your puppies doing? At least you get to sleep in now lol. Hope to see you soon. ❤️


  6. Rachel I’m sad to see you leave the morning show. I love your bright and bubbly personality and that smile of yours is just beautiful. It lit up my world especially on dreary dull days. Congratulations on your new career in TWN and all the best. You have earned it. I look forward to seeing you and your smile. Congratulations also on your engagement. it. P.s. cats rule LOL.


    1. I am glad the 2:40 am alarm has been shut off ! 🙂 Awesome. I hope you’ll continue with TWN. I love seeing you and that beautiful smile you have. You make my mornings and now my days something to look forward to. As for skiing that is not in my cards. But to see the Chilean Mountains I would love that. All the best as a sponsor host on twn. You’ll rock it. Sean. A fan.


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