Chilly Half Marathon Race Review

There are many things in life that can make you happy! And for me running is one of them.  I was reminded of that today.

I have been a little out of the loop when it comes to the “long run”. It’s been a minute since I’ve bought gels and really made a race plan. Cue Chilly Half to get me back into gear.

This race was just as fun as I thought it would be. For runners in the GTA this out and back road race kicks off the start of race season.


I really enjoyed this route, out and back is simple and I like simple when running. You start on Brant street in Burlington just north of Lakeshore. You then take Lakeshore out to Shell park, turn around and come back. Super simple! This course is flat and it felt fast.

It’s always cool to see the elite runners passing you on the other side.  Out and back is also good for making mental notes as to what you will experience during the second half of the race.

We really lucked out with the weather this year! About -3C at the start of the race and minimal wind! This course could get pretty windy being right on the lake, but this year all was calm. The snow that fell yesterday was all melted too. Really the perfect conditions!


My race started off  stress free!

I knew I was not going to pull off a PR, as I have not ran this distance since last June. There was something really enjoyable about lining up at the start with no goal, just have fun and find the endurance to finish.

The start lines were organized really well! Lots of runners stayed inside the preforming arts center to keep warm before the run. Very nice to have that option.

I hit 5 k and felt like I was getting into my stride. Usually I am trying to keep a 5:30 m/km pace or faster but today I held back to 6:00m/km and I loved every second of it.

It was amazing how fast the race went by. Nothing really stood out on the course, much of it just looked the same with mega mansion homes and the occasional water view. No major incline!


Water stations were well positioned and I loved the priest who was handing out oranges and bananas with his team. That orange pushed me to the end.

When I saw the 20k mark I had to snap a picture! I was so happy. I kept thinking, “yes ! I still got it.”

There were so many people out cheering on the runners and adding to the comrade of the day.

Unfortunately there was a collapse at the finish line this year. It was a sad scene as ambulances took over the finishing chute. CPR was preformed on a runner and he was taken to hospital. I hope he fully recovers.

I would highly recommend this race! It is an awesome way to kick off race season. The weather can be a challenge at this time of year so it is something to be aware of when signing up. But it looks like runners have really lucked out many years at this event.

Why run Chilly Half Marathon:

  • Great organization and communication pre-event & during race
  • Awesome long sleeve NB race shirt & medal
  • Easy out and back route
  • Sleep in! Race starts at 10:05 AM
  • Very flat
  • Lots of crowd support
  • Perfectly spaced water stations
  • Great way to kick off or keep going with marathon training


That was my 12th half marathon! I was 17 minutes slower than my best time coming in at 2 h 7 min. It was great to just get out there again and remind myself how much fun racing can be. We have an amazing running community in the GTA !

Next race? I will be working with Mississauga Marathon delivering start line & finisher messages. I cant wait! I LOVE my hometown race.


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