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5 Must See Destinations in Hong Kong

When you experience a trip of a lifetime it’s hard to put the adventure into words.

My excursion through Hong Kong has left me wanting more of Asia. I was so impressed with the culture, people, food, landscape & organization of this partnership.

This project with The Weather Network will be a career highlight for years to come. You can catch our content on TV starting May 21st!

Here is a look at some of the places we feature in our reports!

Sham Shui Po:

The theme of our trip was “discover Hong Kong like a local”, and the district of Sham Shui Po is certainly the place to do that. This is an area of shopping, restaurants, markets & local life. People from Hong Kong use this area frequently and say it’s a place tourists should come to truly see what life is like just outside of the incredible downtown.


Tian Tan Buddha: 

I have never seen something like this before! The Buddha towers 112 feet into the air and overlooks Ngong Ping, Lantau Island. This is the second largest Buddha in the world and it symbolizes the harmony between: man & nature / people & faith.

This area also features a beautiful walking trail that takes you to the wisdom path. Hikers can see the Heart Sutra carved into large wooden pillars, 38 in total.

You can also explore the Po Lin Monastery and enjoy lunch onsite! The temples were gorgeous. It was such an amazing place to explore.



Tai O Fishing Village: 

People in this area are hard working and authentic . You can tell they are proud of the lifestyle they live and have such a deep connection with the sea. The homes raised on stilts were so picturesque. This place was so busy with tourists however it seemed calm and serene at the same time!

This was also a great place to continue my donut streak! My work fam will forever find me donuts on our excursions!

Personally, Tai O was one of my favourite stops since I had never seen anything like it before! The community is filled with senior people who still cling onto this port and demonstrate their skills in creating and displaying dried seafood.

Victoria Peak:

Take the tram to the top of the mountain! The view is spectacular. From the top you can see how busy and vibrant the city of Hong Kong is. Locals call this area “The Peak” as its elevation is 552 meters, making it the highest point on Hong Kong island.

I would say this is a must when you visit HK!



Sai Kung:

Fresh seafood is abundant here! It was fascinating to see people ordering fish right off the boat. You can then take this fresh fish to a restaurant near by and have it prepared.
A trip is Sai Kung is a great break from the towering sky scrapers of the downtown core. Life is a a little slower here but still full of amazing culture. The food was incredible! A meal to remember.
Our adventures through Hong Kong showcase a variety of ways tourists can explore this energetic city!

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