Bachloretting in Boston – What I Loved About This City


Boston is the type of city that changes it’s vibe around every corner. The waterfront is spectacular, the old cobblestone streets are so unique, the food scene is super delicious and the people yes, some, not all, have that iconic Boston accent. It was such a fantastic decision to round up my bridal party and head to Boston! 


Here’s 3 things I absolutely loved about the city! 

It’s Easy Biking System!

Boston is a pretty small city, you could bike to many of the major attractions in one day! I would recommend using their “Blue Bikes” system. You can rent a bike for 24 hours and it only costs $10! Your bike needs to be checked into a docking station every 2 hours, which is pretty standard for most city rental bikes. The app is amazing telling you how many bikes are available in each area, how many stands are free, how far your have biked and how much time you have left before you need to check in again. There are tons of checkpoints across the city. We were able to bike 50 k in one afternoon. We checked out Fenway, Backbay, Harvard, Charles River, East Cambridge and the Boston Public Garden. We all loved it and thought the bikes were comfortable. You do need to be careful as the streets are busy and the bike lanes can be tight. Biking allows you to cover so much ground in a day! It beats being trapped in a Uber going everywhere! 


The Bakeries are Unreal! 

I had no idea that Boston was the city of dessert. And my bridal party quickly realized that this was SO my city with the amount of donuts available! I was in awe when I saw my first Boston Cream Donut in Boston… and as we toured more bakeries they just kept getting better. A local told us we needed to check out Bova’s in the Italian area, as it was a 24 hour operation of deliciousness! I made it a mandatory event. We arrived close to 10 pm with a lineup out the door. The donuts, cakes, cannoli, cookies were all unbelievable! We loved it so much, we went again the next night! Their Boston Cream Pie sells out daily! It was pretty amazing to see multiple bakeries with lines out the door… they seemed to be busier than the pubs! 

We never actually got a good Boston Cream photo because no one wanted to wait before eating them!


The Authentic Lobster Fishing Experience 

We wanted to do something unique in Boston! When I found Captain Fred online I knew this lobster fishing tour was exactly what we were looking for. He welcomed us on his boat and took us out for an afternoon of fun, education and lots of lobsters. Fred and Tim taught us how to reel in the nets, band the claws and measure the lobsters. It was such a great experience and it was fascinating to see how much work goes into lobster fishing. We took 6 home and had an outstanding dinner! Along the tour he pointed out Spectacle Island, which apparently really is haunted. The refreshing spray of the salty water was the perfect was to cool down as we cruised around the Boston Harbour.

I would recommend this tour, so glad I found it as there are not many of its kind.


I would highly recommend Boston! We stayed in South End around the Shawmut area. It was a great spot, we could walk to the Public Gardens in less than 15 minutes!

We flew from Toronto to Boston via Billy Bishop, upon my next return I think I would drive down as its only about 8 hours. I also need to time it during a baseball game at Fenway.

In my opinion Boston is the type of city that has something for every group and it’s a place you’ll want to visit again!

*The experience is 100% authentic and not a paid partnership*

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