Want to Try Skiing for $25?! Here’s How!

The best way to make it through a Canadian winter is to embrace it!

I’ve been putting that statement to the test over the years. I can confirm after lots of “testing”, I am the biggest winter lover.


Stepping into my first pair of skis helped change the way I look at Canada’s coldest season.

It allowed me to see winter as an amazing time to travel, exercise, explore and fall in love with snow.

If you have never ever skied before I have an amazing idea for you!

The Canadian Ski Council is offering Canadians who want to try skiing the chance to hit the hills with their Never Ever program. This is for someone who has never been skiing before and wants to give it a try with an organized lesson.


And guess what! The best part is this only costs you $25!

Here is how you can take part:

  • Create a profile and sign up online at :
  • Reserve your spot at least 36 hours before you want to ski/board
  • You must be able to provide your shoe size, height and weight
  • Head to your selected ski resort and have the best time ever!

Still deciding if this is for you? You can check out the participating ski resorts here:

The Canadian Ski Council is giving Canadians an amazing opportunity to try skiing. The best way to gain confidence on skis is with an organized lesson.

One of the best reasons to ski, in my opinion, is the bonding opportunities it brings. I love getting out with my Dad to ski. Or my brother as a time to catch up and have fun. It’s an amazing date idea too!

Some of the best family vacations have revolved around skiing and enjoying time at a chalet. It’s a lifestyle you’ll want to dive into!


So what is holding you back? Sign up now and I’ll see you on the slopes!



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