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Fellow Brides, You Have To Do This After Your Wedding

I am currently in a bubble of wedding bliss right now. IMG-9912.JPG

My condo is filled with wonderful messages from all our family and friends, my dress hangs in the spare bedroom full of amazing memories and my gorgeous bouquets are strewn across my kitchen table.

How do you clean up after such a remarkable event, I just want everything to live on forever.

I made the boutineers for my wedding and even though it did stress me out a little before the big day – it was amazing to see the guests reaction when they heard “the bride” made the bourtineers!

Since I was getting creative before the wedding I thought I would keep the trend going.

I am currently taking apart all of the boutineers and bouquets and turning them into Christmas ornaments! I wanted to share this idea because I think many brides could carry on the wedding memories with this!

I am using all the artificial decor – gold leaves, red crystallized cranberries, white berries etc. and creating bunches of 2 or 3.


I then use the wire within the berries to wrap the individual parts together, then hot glue ribbon to the top. An additional piece of ribbon is then used to create a loop at the top so it can easily be attached to the tree.

I also thought it would be nice to create a little tag, so I did that with white and black card stock.


So far I have had enough material to create 17!

I know my parents and in-laws are going to love these! It’s also a fun idea to surprise the wedding party with afterwards. I’m so excited about these… and I know next Christmas when I hang mine on the tree I’ll be filled with a little piece of this wedding bliss I am currently floating through right now.


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