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Easy Shrimp Skewers with Spiralized Carrots

This dinner will certainly brighten up your day!


You need:

1 frozen package of uncooked shrimp, tails on

1 red pepper

1 package fresh spiralled carrots

3 celery stalks

2 green onions

Salt & pepper

1/2 cup peanut sauce

Wood/bamboo skewers (approx 10)

1 tsp coconut oil

1 tsp Montreal steak spice

Do this: 

This recipe takes a little prep. You want to make sure your shrimp is thawed and if you are using wood/bamboo skewers- you’ll want to soak them for at least 15 minutes before putting them in the oven. This will decrease the chances of them burning.

First prep the skewers.

Once your shrimp is thawed, toss in half of the peanut sauce and Montreal steak spice. Lately my husband has been adding Montreal steak spice to everything – maybe odd for shrimp? But it worked!

Chop the red pepper into bite sized pieces.

Heat oven to 450.

As the oven is heating build your skewers with 3 shrimps and 3 pieces of red pepper. I had enough for 10 skewers.

Your oven should now be heated – set a 8 minute timer. Shrimp should be on a pan sheet lined with tin foil. Put them in the oven. Shrimp should be turned after 4 minutes. You will know the shrimp is done once it’s turned pink and the shells should be easy to break off.

That’s it for the skewers! Now get your veggie’s going on the stove top.

Chop your celery and green onions. Add to a pan on medium heat with coconut oil, salt and pepper. Butter or sesame oil would work as well. Cook this for about 5 minutes, you still want some crunch in the celery.

Add the carrots to the pan. Keep on medium heat and cover with a lid. I wanted my carrots to take on some flavour but still be a little crunchy, so I only cooked for an additional 5 minutes. If you want yours softer, just cook longer.

Once the carrots are done to your liking top with remaining peanut sauce.

I used peanut sauce from Whole Foods which is only 25 calories per tbsp! If you don’t have peanut sauce you could use any marinating Thai sauce you have in the fridge – or just plain sesame oil.


Plate your spiralled carrots first and top with skewers.



You can spiralize your own carrots if you have the tools to do so, we bought these from the produce section at Farm Boy and were really impressed with how they held up and tasted!




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