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Zesty Summer Fresh Salad

With very little “summer” in the forecast I thought I would add some to my plate. Fresh juicy oranges in a salad say summer to me.

Pair them with beets and I love the colour combo.

Here is my recipe, serves 2.

You need:orangechickenbeet

Green leafy lettuce

2 chicken breasts

1 orange

2 beets

4 tbsp of tzatziki


Chicken seasoning ( of choice)

Do this:

The prep on this salad is really easy.

First peel you beets, chop into bite sized pieces and boil. This should take about 30 minutes. I usually boil a bunch of beets and leave them in the fridge. This makes it easier to quickly add them to salads or even smoothies. 

Toss your chicken breasts in your favourite seasoning and fry it. Sometimes I use just  salt and pepper. This time I had “Caribbean spice and roasted garlic”.

As your chicken is cooking prep the salad by washing and chopping your lettuce and peeling and cutting up the orange.

Once the chicken and beets are cooked plate each salad with 1 chicken breast, one beet, 1/2 the orange, 2 tbsp of tzatziki and fresh ground pepper.

It’s a pretty simple salad but it delivers big on taste and nutrients ! This salad has a ton of fibre and vitamin C! Enjoy


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