A Monster Ice Cream Cake for a Little Family Time

The weeks are going by fast but sometimes the days feel long.

Going in to week 11 of working from home I have come to realize that the little things in life are truly the best. ( I sounds like my mom there)

icecream3Each weekend I have been going over to my parents, sitting socially distant in the backyard just to chat. No fuss over big dinners, extra guests, timing work schedules or appointments. None of that. Just simply sitting and chatting. I love it.

This week, being one of the hottest weekends we have seen, I thought I would bring over a Schoutsen family favourite. Ice cream cake.

Growing up in my household ice cream never lasted more than 2 days. Make it into a cake and it really goes quick. We all have a sweet tooth – and zero self control!

I found this Nutella crunch ice cream cake recipe online . It’s pretty easy, all you need is rice krispies, vanilla ice cream and Nutella. I added chocolate ice cream to it and it was awesome!

Also – interesting little hack – I did not have a spring form pan. So instead I built the cake in a metal bowl then froze it overnight. The next morning I flipped it over onto a plate and placed a hot towel over the bowl and with a little shaking it slipped right out! I was pretty pleased with myself for thinking of this solution!

I saved some of the rice krispies to completely cover the cake! Super delicious.

My family loved it! And we spent a wonderful hot afternoon in the backyard. My mom even gave me some new herbs since I have already killed mine! Hopefully with my moms touch these new ones last me until at least July!

If you are having some socially distant family time I hope its simple, memorable and filled with a sweet treat too!



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