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Moving in a Pandemic While Pregnant

Just the thought of moving is daunting. Nevermind actually planning, organizing and packing your entire life into boxes.

And this was not just any move. It was a move during a pandemic while carrying my tiny future. Luckily, I was only 4 months pregnant at the time of the move, the “sweet spot” during pregnancy.

If you know me, you know this move was not a last minute thing. My husband and I have been looking for our forever home before the pandemic even began. A year into our search we finally found exactly what we were looking for!

We were so ready to call this place home… but now we had to get to that final destination! This is why we had to call in AMJ Campbell.

Lucky for me, I knew the company well! My Mom has worked for their commercial division for over 30 years. My Dad is currently a installation supervisor for the company. And I worked for them during countless summers as I paid my way through University. So I knew the company was reliable and trusted. Which is certainly some great reassurance when watching everything you own drive down the street.

The moving process with AMJ was quite simple. We had Diana Coryn come into our condo and basically take an inventory of everything we needed to move. She then suggested the best plan. Since we had to move out on a Monday and did not get our house until Thursday she reccommended we use AMJ’s vaults. Basically a moving “pod” where the movers load everything in then lock it. The next time it’s opened is at your new residence! It was an excellent plan for us since we had that waiting time. Also thinking safety and cleanliness during a pandemic – these seemed great.

Another thing we discussed with Diana was the idea of packing. I was pretty motivated to pack, but then I started thinking about all the complicated breakables. Like some custom art we have or all the crystal glasses in the kitchen. I did not want to have someone pack the entire home- so I was glad a partial pack was an option for us.

Two days before we moved we had Kelly come and pack our kitchen, art and some closet items. I did not realize how much this helps propell your move forward! The professionals just know what to do. Now that I have seen the pack process, I would reccommend it! Very efficient, espeically if you are running behind with your packing.

Before we knew it, move day was here! My husband and I were so impressed with our movers. Over the two days we worked with Taff, Darren, Nick, Ithanial and Antonio. Everyone was so polite, professional and really nice to be around. These guys really know what they are doing! Truly moving pro’s! Watching them balance boxes on their back, wrap a couch in minutes and carefully manouver furniture down our tight staircases was amazing. Not one scratch on the wall.

Another thing my husband and I found really impressive was their problem solving skills. Our packer had forgotten to leave us a TV carton. Within an hour one was delivered with all the material needed for a safe move. It was really efficient!

I really liked working with the vaults as well. The movers made sure I was aware of what was going where and when a vault was full they brought me down to watch them lock it up. Knowing it would not be opened again until we were at the new house.

To put into perspective a 2 bedroom condo needed 3 vaults. Techcially we did not fill the third one, but we certainly needed the extra space.

The entire experience was truly fantastic! I would use AMJ again in a heartbeat. Now we are taking the time to unpack, soak in the new home vibes and of course keep growing this tiny human.

It’s amazing to see that life as we knew it still exsits during this surreal time. With true professionalism, trusted relationships and efficient team members. Thank you AMJ Campbell for handling our move with ease and excellence!

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