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A Day at the Baby Spa! Giggly Panda

Did I ever think I would be this Mom? The Mom who trots off to a baby spa when really I’m the one in need of a spa day!? Ha! No! But here we are planning our trip to Giggly Panda Burlington.

This baby spa is a wellness-center that offers massage, hydrotherapy and chiropractic treatments as well as dietitian consultations for the healthy development of your little one.

Use Code RACHEL10 for 10% off the spa in Burlington from April 1 – 15 2022.

Now, I am new to this mom thing, but in my short six months of motherhood – it’s clear to me, babies in 2022 have everything! Including a spa! That’s why I was really excited to be invited to Giggly Panda with Emma. And to sweeten the deal I even brought, Nunna, my mom to enjoy the experience. Plus, we went on Emma’s half birthday- March 28th!

What should I bring to the spa?

Giggly Panda has you covered from towels to toys! Some ideas on what to bring are:

  • swim diaper
  • new diaper / change of clothes
  • bathing suit (optional)
  • meal/bottle as they have a nursing and feeding room
  • phone for lots of cute pictures!
  • change of socks or slippers for you! I got my feet wet!

Baby is allowed to be accompanied by two adults! Which is great to catch the action.

Use Code RACHEL10 for 10% off the spa in Burlington from April 1 – 15 2022.

What to expect?

The team at Giggly Panda had amazing customer service! The experience started with a play area filled with tons of new toys! Everything felt really clean and tidy which is so important as we all start to explore the world again. We were then guided to a massage area where an RMT helped Emma relax and also pointed out some tension in her neck. It was important for me to know that Emma was going to work with an experienced and lisenced massage therapist.

After the massage, it’s swim time! There are multiple little pools and one larger one. Babies can sit in a floatie or wear a neck ring in the water. Since Emma was just getting comfortable with the experience she sat inside a ring. Lots of colourful balls and toys fill the water! That made for a stimulating swim.

Did she cry? Yes! But eventually warmed up to the spa. I was really impressed with how the team handled some tears. They did everything they could to keep her comfortable and loving the experience. I think she learned tons from it! The whole visit was just over an hour. And yes, she was totally pooped afterwards. She fell asleep before we were even out the door!

I love sharing these experiences with my daughter! I know this was the first of many spa days to come. Big thanks to Giggly Panda Burlington. You can use code RACHEL10 for 10% off spa services from April 1-15 2022. Let me know how you enjoy it!

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