What You’ll Find…

Im a broadcaster, runner, wanna-be foodie, twin, dog lover & a believer that a positive mind can conquer anything.

This is a lifestyle blog where you can expect anything from recipes I’ve developed, races I’ve ran, travel adventures I’ve been a part of or just a simple DIY tutorial. I like it keep it interesting!






Thanks for stopping by!


11 thoughts on “What You’ll Find…

    1. Hi Rachel ,
      Look forward to seeing you in the mornings. However Iam originally from Glasgow , Scotland. The W is silent. It’s pronounced Glasgo. Silent β€œW” You are doing an amazing job.



  1. Watch you every morning! Follow your twitter feed! Now I’m following your blog! Fun! Love your style and your attitude! Thanks for always being so bright! πŸŒˆβ˜€οΈπŸŒΊ

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  2. alex lefrancois,
    ratchel, i have been very impressed with your infectious smile, and would love to know how you acomplish that exactly?? i am currently in windsor, ontario, and the heat is stiffeling, with no obvious recourse to feel better,i am considering your smile, and searching for ways to combat the heat.!! of course the choice is mine how to deal with it moving forward, but i would like to say the worst is behind me, and understand there are healthy ways to deal with troubling weather. lol alex


  3. Rachel is always upbeat every morning with her gracious smile and welcoming nature not to mention her reference to her dog Rainbow. Give rainbow an extra hug from James, Rachel I watch your weather report religiously every morning. A morning without Rachel is a not a day worth remembering


  4. Rachel, you look dazzling every day. Everything about you is impressive … your beauty, your gorgeous smile, your style … You are the sole reason I watch the weather channel every morning.


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