The Long Run! What’s Next ?

My heart is full of accomplishment and happiness when I think about my spring race season.  I conquered my fears by finally attempting to run Around the Bay!  I kept to my roots by running the Mississauga Half.  I became a two time marathoner after completing the Ottawa Marathon, one of the best race experiences I’ve ever had.  And I capped it off with the … Continue reading The Long Run! What’s Next ?

The Ottawa Marathon #Canada150

    I’m overwhelmed with emotion and happiness when I think about the Ottawa Marathon. I did not achieve my sub 4 hour marathon but I can confidently say that this race was the best running experience I have ever had. “The marathon will humble you.” I never understood or got this “feeling” but after Ottawa, I feel it. There was an energy at this … Continue reading The Ottawa Marathon #Canada150

5 Things Long Distance Running has Taught me 

With only 5 days left until the Ottawa Marathon I need to remember it’s all a mind game from here.  Positive thoughts. Negative splits! Here’s a look at why I love the long run & what it has taught me…  5. Enjoy the journey  If you are going to dedicate so much time and energy to this, you might as well enjoy it ! I have … Continue reading 5 Things Long Distance Running has Taught me 

A Training Update : Ottawa Marathon 

 I’m in it for the long run! In just six weeks I’ll be in Ottawa embracing the special moment at the start line, trusting my training, enjoying the route and completing my second full marathon. I have to say this time around I’m enjoying the training a lot more. I have more confidence in myself to push, to go faster and to run more! The … Continue reading A Training Update : Ottawa Marathon