Inspiring Runners ! Niagara Marathon Race Review 

So my last race was in a heat warning. Today’s run in a wind warning! What’s up with the weather? Interesting races that’s for sure.  Today’s run was special. It was not about me or the distance it was about inspiration.  I was so happy that one of my greatest friends Jaclyn and my wonderful cousin Sarah committed to running their first race.  We wanted … Continue reading Inspiring Runners ! Niagara Marathon Race Review 

So You Want to Start Running? 10 Tips! 

The fall is a perfect time to start running. Weather is on your side when it comes to comfortable temperatures & the changing colours give you extra motivation to get out there !  I’ve learned a few things as I continue to run! Here’s what I want to share with those just starting out.  1. Plan your route ahead of time.  Know where you will … Continue reading So You Want to Start Running? 10 Tips! 

Heat Warnings & Half Marathons 

When I think of things I’d pair together, my mind goes towards really rich dark coffee and chocolate. Or the perfect red wine and cheddar. A black dress with really shiny earrings. Not a half marathon and a heat warning.  I love fall races becasue of the weather! Crisp mornings, fresh dew on the lawn, the perfect thin long sleeve shirt; not too hot & … Continue reading Heat Warnings & Half Marathons 

Running into Fall! Race List

As the temperatures cool my love of running is back in full force.  After completing the Ottawa marathon in May, I’ve taken some time off my long runs and focused more on building strength plus HITT training. It’s been great, but with this perfect weather rolling in I can’t help but count down the days till my next race !  I decided this season a … Continue reading Running into Fall! Race List

The Long Run! What’s Next ?

My heart is full of accomplishment and happiness when I think about my spring race season.  I conquered my fears by finally attempting to run Around the Bay!  I kept to my roots by running the Mississauga Half.  I became a two time marathoner after completing the Ottawa Marathon, one of the best race experiences I’ve ever had.  And I capped it off with the … Continue reading The Long Run! What’s Next ?

The Ottawa Marathon #Canada150

    I’m overwhelmed with emotion and happiness when I think about the Ottawa Marathon. I did not achieve my sub 4 hour marathon but I can confidently say that this race was the best running experience I have ever had. “The marathon will humble you.” I never understood or got this “feeling” but after Ottawa, I feel it. There was an energy at this … Continue reading The Ottawa Marathon #Canada150