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Moving in a Pandemic While Pregnant

Just the thought of moving is daunting. Nevermind actually planning, organizing and packing your entire life into boxes. And this was not just any move. It was a move during a pandemic while carrying my tiny future. Luckily, I was only 4 months pregnant at the time of the move, the "sweet spot" during pregnancy.… Continue reading Moving in a Pandemic While Pregnant


Fall Camping at Killbear

Picture this: relaxing in a cozy sweater under a blanket full of fall colours. Fires burning and the campsite is all setup. This was a weekend to remember at Killbear Provincial Park ! We've never been fall camping before. But with pandemic protocols and the unexpected summer many were facing we thought postponing our usual… Continue reading Fall Camping at Killbear


Skiing at New Heights! Hello Bromont, QC

A winter full of memories ! That’s how the 2019/2020 season is going down in my household. When I first started dating my husband Daniel, 8 years ago, he told me to get serious about skiing. He said the adventures we can create in the snow will be some of our best memories. Well, he… Continue reading Skiing at New Heights! Hello Bromont, QC


Want to Try Skiing for $25?! Here’s How!

The best way to make it through a Canadian winter is to embrace it! I've been putting that statement to the test over the years. I can confirm after lots of "testing", I am the biggest winter lover. Stepping into my first pair of skis helped change the way I look at Canada's coldest season.… Continue reading Want to Try Skiing for $25?! Here’s How!