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My Sunny Escape to Florida

Canadians love to hate our winter! Sure it's beautiful sometimes, but complaining about winter bonds the nation and makes us Canadian, right?! Over a million Canadians visit the sunshine state each year in order to warm up, experience some fun in Florida and enjoy the gorgeous lush landscape of the state. This winter I was… Continue reading My Sunny Escape to Florida

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#TWNinIreland Day 5 Trip to Belfast and an Unexpected Extension 

The final few shots have been taken and we are calling it a wrap on this incredible Irish adventure !  We said goodbye to beautiful Derry-Londonderry and made our way to Belfast. It's about an hour and a half to get there.  We wanted to shoot three more sentences on colourful streets. 3 sentences may… Continue reading #TWNinIreland Day 5 Trip to Belfast and an Unexpected Extension 


The Ottawa Marathon #Canada150   I'm overwhelmed with emotion and happiness when I think about the Ottawa Marathon. I did not achieve my sub 4 hour marathon but I can confidently say that this race was the best running experience I have ever had. "The marathon will humble you." I never understood or got this "feeling" but… Continue reading The Ottawa Marathon #Canada150